Why Packs and Apparel - It's a Fit Thing

January 19, 2017 0 Comments

Why Packs and Apparel - It's a Fit Thing

Fit and comfort are important when it comes to apparel.  Clothing is worn on the body, next to the skin, and requires design, construction, patterning and sewing techniques that allow for products that move well and feel good.  No one wants bulky abrasive seams rubbing against them.  High quality apparel employs patterning and construction methods to decrease bulk and increase ease of movement in the finished product.  We believe bags deserve the same consideration and are striving to create backpacks that are visually clean, have a minimum of moving parts, and achieve excellent fit and access.  


The above images show pocket finishing in our mountain bag.   There is no exposed stitch line on the outside of the pocket.  This gives a cleaner look while eliminating any thread that might abrade over time.  The picture on the right shows the inside clean finished which does away with any interior lip that might irritate the users hand or hang up on objects when accessing the pocket. This also creates a double layer, giving the bag longevity against abrasion.  

Below you can see the back side of the shoulder strap.  We cut the bottom side on the bias which allows for greater stretch.  The bottom piece of the strap is shorter than the top piece and must be stretched when sewing them together, causing a natural curve in the finished strap aiding in fit and comfort.  Stretching one piece to fit another is a common apparel construction practice found in shoulder seams.


We are passionate about great product and excited to create a product-driven brand with advancement and innovation at its core. Working on backpacks and apparel will allow a cross pollination of solutions that will benefit the overall line.  Our end goal is to create simple, functional, durable goods that work and move intuitively with the user.

We are excited to share more.


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