Together We Can Reach Great Heights

May 17, 2018 0 Comments

Together We Can Reach Great Heights

Together we can reach great heights.

This past year has been an incredible journey.  We crushed our Kickstarter goal by a mile and then in February began shipping our CROSSOVER backpacks. The response to our packs has been amazing.  You have shared pictures, stories, and your passion for great gear with us.  Nothing makes us happier than seeing and hearing about you putting your EVERGOODS kit to good use.  You have also put us in a position to win not one but TWO categories in the 6th Annual Carry Awards at Carryology.  These are peer nominated awards and we are in this race because of your voices.  We need you rise up once again and share your excitement.  

Voting is easy and only takes 5 seconds and a couple clicks.  Links are below.

Kevin and I are not stopping any time soon.  We are very close to sharing our next two bags with you.  Through your support and by not taking outside investors - the design room is the board room and the board room is the design room.


Jack and Kevin

Vote for CPL24 in the BEST EVERYDAY BAG category : HERE.

Vote for MPL30 in the BEST ACTIVE BACKPACK category : HERE.

join us as we build EVERgoods