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Pack Number 2 - MPL30 Sneak (Peak)

March 09, 2017 0 Comments

Pack Number 2 - MPL30 Sneak (Peak)

All EVERGOODS products must feel comfortable and at home in urban and outdoor environments (although geared towards one or the other).  They must accommodate a hydration bladder and a laptop (not concurrently).  Raw materials and constructions are chosen with an expected life of 20+ years.  

MPL30 holds true to the above and we are excited to begin sharing our ongoing efforts to design, develop and prove this product as befitting the category of CROSSOVER EQUIPMENT.

Bottom line this must work as a killer utility outdoor pack.  From there we work to ensure its material selection,  ease of access, and use make it a pretty darn good all around day bag.

Stay tuned for more.


Jack and Kevin





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Sizing Chart - MPL30 + CPL24