December 28, 2016

I've never written a business plan, so before we built out our shop and started product development we met with industry veterans to get an idea of what the business plan for EVERGOODS should look like.  One thing became clear--the possibility of direct sales as a result of the internet are high, but ultimately growth is about reach and continued visibility.  This is where a multi-channel model including wholesale/influencer users comes into play.  The direct channel will allow us to develop a relationship with our core user via our website/social media while wholesale/pro will allow us to reach a broader audience over time. So we put together a list of goals for our multi-channel model.  Let us know what you think:

Multi-Channel Model
Direct | Wholesale | Influencer 

Our marketing goals between now and launch:

  • Launch EVERGOODS as modern active lifestyle brand
  • Create organic following by sharing a diary of brand build-out via our blog
  • Engage industry leading blog to create a multi-part brand development highlight story
  • Define influencer users across all markets and set up dedicated sales channel
  • Sign exclusive deal with Japanese distributor to coincide with launch
  • Carry this momentum into successful pre-sale/launch

EVERGOODS' overarching marketing plan is simple: there is a gap in the marketplace, and we believe we will be able to satisfy those needs with high-quality products and unique perspective.  The implementation of our plan is made more complicated by our multi-channel strategy which requires clearly defined processes across all three channels.

Direct channel- sales direct from our website.  
Wholesale channel- sales through existing retailers
Influencer channel- availability of product to influential users across all marketplaces 


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