July 05, 2018


A. Architecture

  1. Streamlined, top-loading sack for low profile and ease of use

  2. Lighter weight than our other products so far, 2.05 lbs (0.93kg)

  3. Integrated Quick Draw Lid system

  • Single action opening and closing of the lid without putting the bag on the ground

  • Allows over-loading of the main compartment without straps or buckles

  • Cam-action cord lock offers little resistance when closing the bag, provides high strength closure when shut
  • Collar can roll down out of the way for easier loading

  • Creates a catch area for safer handling of critical items in difficult circumstances.
  • The bag can hang in the open position on a wall or closet hook, ready to accept items tossed into the main body
  • Cord is user-replaceable without tools

      4. Main body is smaller at the bottom and wider at the top for load distribution

      5. Shell Textile – 420d HT nylon w PU coating

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Balanced weave for equal warp and weft strength
  • Bright yarns for slicker, brighter appearance

      6. Lining Textile – 210d HT nylon w PU coating and silicone face finish

  • Light weight textile
  • High density weave for excellent puncture resistance 
  • Silicone adds water resistance and smooth surface for easy loading/unloading of the main compartment

  • Standard Grey color for contrast visibility

B. Fit

      1. Contoured Shoulder straps

  • Differentially cut for patterned curve

  • Cushioned with Zote EV50 foam
  • Textured harness fabric for slight friction and improved carry

      2. Contoured back patterning

  • Curved shoulder area for excellent fit, large body contact and high carry

  • Zote HD80 frame sheet for light weight structure and moldable shape
  • Textured harness fabric for slight friction and improved carry

      3. Curved lumbar area with isolated hip wings that won’t pack out and alter fit

      4. Sternum Strap

  • Adjustable up and down
  • Reversible for R/L hand pull

  • Removeable

C. Carry

     1. Textured yarns in the harness provide slight friction on the body, stabilizing the carry and buffering a small amount of moisture.

     2. Top Handle for handling in the vertical orientation

     3. Side Handle for handling in the horizontal orientation

     4. Center front handle aka Quick Grab Front handle

  • in conjunction with the Quick Draw system allows access to the main compartment without setting the bag down
  • useful for general handling of the bag

      5. Pocket orientation allows for easy, right-handed  “side access” while wearing the bag or while on the ground

      6. Removable waist belt adds stabilization during active movement or over uneven terrain


A. Main Cavity

      1. Dimensions are smaller at the bottom, wider at the top allowing the bag to fill out and take some shape right away, but then continue to accept more and more gear as it fills.

      2. Quick Draw lid system allows over-loading the main cavity when necessary

      3. Side Zipper allows access to the bottom of the bag

  • YKK #10RC with DWR finish

  • Rain flap for weather and abrasion resistance

  • Closes downward to not inadvertently open because of gravity
  • Opens from the bottom to grant access to the bottom first

B. Internal mesh pocket
      1. Accessible through the Main Body side zipper, 2 steps for security.

      2. Zipper opens from the top down so that after opening the Main Body zip, the hand is in position to open the mesh pocket zip (if desired)

      3. Flat volume for small items like snacks, first aid, etc.

      4. Mesh for excellent visibility

C. Internal stretch pocket

      1. simple fold-over construction is low profile to reduce catching and eliminates seams, stitching, elastic, etc.

      2. Sized to hold a hydration bladder, can also accept a tablet computer or 13” laptop.

      3. Bottom corner cutouts allow laptops and books to seat fully in the pocket without binding, also allow dirt and debris to passively escape.

D. Internal slot pockets

      1. Long skinny pockets (both sides of bag) allow storage of smaller items not often or readily needed like some extra lashing straps or the MQD’s removeable belt.

      2. Depth is sized to accommodate snow probe and shovel handle for avalanche safety during ski activities 

E. External stretch pocket

      1. Simple fold-over construction is low profile to reduce catching and eliminates seams, stitching, elastic, etc.

      2. Tension along the top edge helps contain and secure items without straps, buckles or hardware 

      3. Provides a convenient place to dump smaller items like gloves or keep messy things segregated from the rest of the load

      4. Bottom corner cutouts allow debris and moisture to passively escape.

      5. Provides a place to contain and secure the main opening draw cord if desired

F. External top pocket

      1. “up high” placement allows safer storage of more fragile items like sunglasses

      2. Utilizes volume above the shoulders, so does not interfere with the main opening

      3. Key leash of security


A. Hydration exits

      1. Allow routing of hydration tubes or wires from the sleeve compartment

      2. Hydration tube length can be withdrawn or stowed easily

      3. R or L shoulder compatible

      4. No Velcro, no elastic, no moving parts  

B. 4 rows of vertical daisy chain

C. Zote HD80 frame sheet 

D. Utility Loops at ends of top handle to temporarily clip or secure smaller items

E. Internal horizontal daisy chain for securing smaller items to keep them in reach.

F. Double layer 420d bottom panel for increased abrasion resistance

G. All zippers treated with DWR finish for added weather resistance

H. Loop Logo patch 







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