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MPL30 Cinch Straps | Compression

April 27, 2017 0 Comments

MPL30 Cinch Straps | Compression

MPL30 has cinch straps on both sides of the pack.  

  • Lash items like a tent, jacket, sleeping pad, or tri-pod
  • Compress bag for lower profile in a crowded space
  • Cinch straps have built in elastic keepers that are low pro and allow easy stowage of excess strap 
  • All pockets of bag accessible when lashing objects or when bag is compressed

This functionality makes MPL30 a great choice if you are hitting the trails or just need a bit more volume throughout your day.  The backpacks compressibility allows it to easily transition into a lower profile day bag when you are in a crowded space AKA a city. Same day.  Same bag.

Watch the video and check out the pics.  


Jack and Kevin




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