Getting Started

December 19, 2016 0 Comments

Getting Started

Kevin and I have different backgrounds.  He studied sculpture before finding his way into the sample room and ultimately the Forge at Patagonia.  I started a gear company (GORUCK) with my best friend and learned via trial by fire.  

When we decided to join forces it was our pasts that would drive our vision for what EVERGOODS should become.  We believe that products should make your life better.  There is no shortage of stuff in this world.  If we make something it better work and it better last.  

We have both lived in major cities, beach towns, and now Bozeman, Montana.  We are not athletes.  We are active guys who use gear in our daily lives.  So we defined a few ideas and got to work:

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EVERGOODS is a modern active lifestyle brand.  Our goal is to blur the lines between outdoor and everyday goods.  Creating classic silhouettes for the modern era, using advanced materials and constructions to outfit people for engaged and active lives. Indoors, Outdoors.  All day, Every day.
Too many lifestyle brands produce cheap and trendy clothing, physically and culturally disposable.  Too many outdoor brands produce overtly sport specific gear that feels out of place in any other scenario. Consumers are drawn to the technical function of outdoor gear, but are seeking an aesthetic that seamlessly integrates into their daily lives and active outdoor pursuits.
Crossover equipment and apparel--the technical refinement of outdoor gear with all the ease and appeal of everyday wear.  Through our experiences working with highly respected outdoor and lifestyle brands, we understand the importance of creating a product driven brand, with advancement and innovation at its core.  We will create a culture of product development that centers around R/D.


join us as we build EVERgoods