November 17, 2023


Explore the features of ELEMENT Drop In with Kevin dee, our founder and head of design at EVERGOODS.

EDI is an RF-welded and bonded pouch, designed for limitless carry versatility in a waterproof package.

The key features of EDI are:
  • Waterproof custom-textile keeps internal items protected from the elements.
  • One internal floating panel creates three unique and flexible organization zones within pouch.
  • The internal floating panel's three dividers can be configured in multitude of ways depending on load-out.
  • Center divider contains two (2) 4" wide drop-in slots for EDC items and one (1) 1.25" pen/pencil drop-in slot.
  • Embossed logo on exterior

Also of note is the construction... 

EDI is made from one (1) textile: A custom-developed solution dyed black 420D nylon 6, finished with a white PU laminate on the back and PU kiss-coat on the face. The external parts showcase the face of the textile, whereas the internal parts are the same textile laminated with the face (black) sides together so that the back (white) sides are exposed. This minimalist construction process offers streamlined manufacturing and sourcing, and a hi-vis internal build.

Watch the video to go into each of these innovative features in-depth.

Explore EDI


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