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EGTV Episode 02 | Zote Foams vs Regular Foams

December 14, 2018 0 Comments

EGTV Episode 02 | Zote Foams vs Regular Foams

Discuss EVERGOODS Foam choices.  Zote EV50 and HD80 vs using non Zote materials.  Convey the value (and corresponding cost) of using premium materials.


Last month we talked about DWR treated zippers on EVERGOODS product.
This month we talk about premium foams used in EVERGOODS product.
Why are we talking about foam?
Foam in sewn goods is often unseen.
Foam in general is often commodity – high-volume, low cost, unspecialized.
Disposable packaging, furniture cushions, filtration, etc.
Can be inconsistent across vendors, across the globe.
This is a problem for in-house development.  How do we know what material we’re using?
High-quality foams do exist for Engineering, Medical, Aerospace, etc.
For EVERGOODS shoulder straps we use EV50 from Zotefoams.
Globally distributed, very high quality.  Gives us more control of the finished product.
What does high-quality foam mean?
What is foam?  A medium (solid or liquid) that’s impregnated with gas.
Solid – EVA has vinyl = rubbery.  Often found in running shoe soles.  Zote has careful control. 
Gas – nitrogen vs. regular air.  Nitrogen is inert, used in the food industry, chip bags.
Bubble dist. – zote is very even.  Makes more even cusion and feeling. 
Pore size – Zote has very consistent (and tiny) pore size
VERY consistent = chain’s weakest link is always strong.
VERY resilient, long lasting.
Not surprising, this foam costs more than most other foams.

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