June 29, 2018



A) Architecture

  1. Size is US Domestic Airline carry-on compliant (22” x 14” x 9”)
  2. Low profile silhouette for easy loading with minimal catching, snagging
  3. Rounded corners and edges to aid packing and reduce surface fabric abrasion
  4. Fully Padded 360 degrees to protect contents and reduce abrasion
  5. Shoulder straps flatten against back panel and cinch flat to reduce profile when the bag is stowed.
  6. Shell Textile – 500d HT nylon w PU coating and Silicone face finish.
    1. Abrasion and weather resistant,
    2. Balanced weave for equal warp and weft strength,
    3. Textured yarns for dull appearance,
    4. Dark, Neutral and Bright color offerings for personal taste
  7. Lining Textile – 420d HT nylon w PU coating
    1. Excellent strength to weight ratio,
    2. Abrasion resistant,
    3. Balanced weave for equal warp and weft strength,
    4. Bright yarns for slicker, brighter appearance
    5. Standard Grey color for contrast visibility

B) Fit
  1. Contoured Shoulder Straps
         a. Allows comfortable carry on the back for movement over moderate distances or irregular terrain.
         b. Differentially cut for patterned curve
         c. Cushioned with Zote EV50 foam
         d.Textured harness fabric for slight friction and improved carry
     2. Contoured Back Patterning
         a.Curved shoulder area for excellent fit, large body contact and high carry
         b.HDPE frame sheet for structure and load transfer
         c.Textured harness fabric for slight friction and improved carry
     3.Sternum Strap
         a. Adjustable up and down   
         b. Reversible for R/L hand pull
         c. Removeable
    C) Carry
    1. Textured yarns in the harness provide slight friction on the body, stabilizing the carry and buffering a small amount of moisture.
    2. Top Handle for handling vertical orientation or loading / unloading
    3. Dual Side Carry Handles for handling in horizontal orientation
            a. Aluminum Stay reinforced (inside main body of bag) to hold bag shape under load
            b.Centered on the side panels and long length for balanced carry
            c. One handle on each side of the zipper for moving the bag while open
         4. Denser items like laptop, small electronics, liquids, etc are carried close to the back for load carriage
         5.Pocket orientation allows for right handed “side access” while wearing the bag or while on the ground


      A).  Exterior top pocket for access to small items without opening the main compartment
          1. uses exterior volume above shoulders and does not interfere with laptop
          2. key leash
      B) Exterior sleeve pocket for access to laptop and documents without opening the main compartment
          1. Suspended laptop sleeve for protection on all sides 
            a. 4-way stretch fabric w Velcro strap keeps device in place
            b. simple fold over construction is low profile to reduce catching and eliminates seams, stitching, elastic, etc
            c. Bottom corner cutouts allow laptop or books to seat fully in the pocket without binding, also allows dirt and debris to passively escape
          2. Keeps items flat like documents, maps, etc
          3. Could be used for smaller soft goods like a light jacket, hat, etc
      C) Main Cargo Area
          1. Large volume permits hauling larger items like helmets or ski boots
          2. Flex-Fold Compression Collar
           a. Keeps the load contained and free of the zipper line
           b. Compresses the contents for easier bag closing with large loads
           c. Padded for extra structure and protection
           d. Stretch corners to contain larger loads
           e. Folds down flush with the bottom compartment for low profile if desiredD)
      D) ID Pocket
          1. opaque pocket with 2-step access combines security, with accessibility.
          2. clear TPU window provides a place to identify the owner or contents without

      fully opening the bag.

          3. Keeps ID in place and readable

      E) Pocket Panel
          1. 1 Large mesh pocket with independent volume
          2. 1 Smaller mesh pocket with independent volume
          3. 1 Smaller opaque mesh with independent volume


      A) Hydration Exits
      B) Strap Keepers
      C) Utility Loops at 3 corners
      D) YKK #10RC lockable sliders on the main opening for additional security when needed
      E) Padded welts cover the main zipper for abrasion and weather resistance
      F) All zippers treated with DWR finish for added weather resistance
      G) Loop Logo Patch





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