A Lasting Name

December 19, 2016 0 Comments

A Lasting Name

We wanted a name that has the staying power to be around in 100 years.  

In truth the name EVERGOODS and the "checked box" mark revealed themselves quickly.  The exploration was determining the font, the weight of the lines, and how the logo and mark would play together.  That is work for experts so we turned to our good friends at Berger & Wild in NYC(www.Berger-Wild.com). They built the fonts and logo for my last gig and it was a no brainer to engage them again.  

After a few iterations we arrived at:

ever goods, backpacks, crossover equipment, crossover apparel, crossover packs

Simple, clean lines.  The "checked box" is a reference to gear/packing lists.  The idea being that when you use EVERGOODS you are checking the box of what you need for your activity, day, adventure.








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