Job Posting: Raw Materials Developer

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JOB TITLE: Raw Material Developer
HOURS: Full-Time
LOCATION: Bozeman, Montana, USA

ROLE: The Raw Material Developer supports EVERGOODS’ product creation and production efforts through the timely development, approval and maintenance of raw material items.  These items may be stock materials from various suppliers or custom developments created in partnership with the supplier.  The Raw Material Developer will source, develop and approve these items for inclusion in product Bill of Materials documents used to place bulk material orders for mass production of finished EVERGOODS products. 

DUTIES: The Raw Material Developer must be knowledgeable in and will work with a wide variety of raw materials including woven and knit textiles, narrow wovens like static or elastic webbings, composites, leathers, zipper components, molded parts, cordage, adhesives, metal parts, and other primary and trim material items.  These materials will be sourced or developed to meet Evergoods quality standards as well as the finished product and end-use goals as defined by the Head of Product.

The Raw Material Developer will review and seek clarity on the stated goals and priorities of each material sourcing or development task.  Several possible paths or solutions may be presented and reviewed with the Head of Product or other appropriate parties. 

Once a promising path or approach is identified the Raw Material Developer will be responsible for researching, sampling, evaluating, developing and eventually approving a production-ready raw material in time for bulk ordering by factory partners.

The Raw Material Developer must have a broad understanding of a wide variety of raw materials, understanding the strengths, weaknesses and trade-offs of various solutions or pathways.  In most cases seeking material solutions that are versatile and can be used in more than one application will benefit the overall operation by reducing the number of raw material items to be managed and consolidating orders.

In all cases, material ordering and production details, like minimum order quantity, lead time and cost must be considered and well-communicated to the Head of Product and Product Developer for integration into the Product Development and Production calendars.

The Raw Material Developer must be familiar with industry standard test methods and their related instruments and evaluation criteria.  He/She will also identify a battery of standard tests to create performance benchmarks from current raw materials and to be used for initial evaluation of future materials.  The Raw Material Developer will decide what tests seem most appropriate or relevant for different classes of materials or end-use applications and keep a database of material test results for future reference and comparison.

The Raw Material Developer may also support the Product Team by crafting or initiating laboratory testing of new or experimental material assemblies, constructions, etc.  The needed evaluations that may not fall neatly into a standard testing protocol.


  • Understand the Product Team’s raw material sourcing and development goals within the context of specific end-product applications and the broader supply chain
  • Work closely with raw material suppliers to source or develop materials that meet these goals on a timeline that meets ordering deadlines for bulk production of finished goods
  • Seek solutions that meet the product performance goals but that are also as simple, versatile, efficient and cost-conscious as possible
  • Use empirical observation along with field and laboratory testing to understand and evaluate raw material characteristics and performance as well as construction methods or material assemblies
  • Create and maintain a database of these material testing and evaluation results


  • Clearly communicate all bulk ordering parameters such as minimum order quantity, lead-time and cost to the Head or Product and Product Developer for planning
  • Be a resource for Design as well as Marketing and Customer Service to understand the benefits, shortcomings, strengths and limitations of materials in our supply chain and broader industry
  • Be a point-person for issues or difficulties that may arise between Evergoods product creation efforts and raw material suppliers
  • Create and maintain a reference of approved in-line material specs and ordering requirements


  • A genuine interest in physics, material science and the creation of great consumer product
  • 3+ years working in cut & sew product with a focus on raw materials
  • Familiarity with industry standard lab testing and material evaluation practices
  • Familiarity with textile production processes including weaving, knitting, dyeing, coating, laminating, etc
  • Ability to effectively work and communicate in a diverse cultural environment
  • Ability to travel to trade shows and material mills both domestic and international
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Basic use of Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, etc)
  • Must maintain a current and valid passport for international travel


It is the responsibility of every employee to contribute to a positive work environment through cooperative and professional interactions with co-workers, customers and vendors.


All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability, or any other factors prohibited by law.

To apply, send your resume and cover letter to with the job title as the subject line.