What is Variable Travel? CTB40 hits the road.

February 08, 2019 0 Comments

What is Variable Travel? CTB40 hits the road.

What is variable travel?  From office to airport, to truck, to cafe, to off-site office, to truck, to campsite and back again.  Below are pics from a recent weekend climbing/camping adventure.  CTB40 thrives in these transitions due to its intuitive layout, maneuverability and packability.

Loaded and ready to hit the airport.  Filled with climbing kit, electronics, and clothes for the weekend.

Time to send a quick email before take-off.  The laptop compartment is easy to get into, suspended, and fully padded.

Coffee stop upon arrival to San Francisco.  The clean aesthetics work just as well in a major city or a backwoods trailhead.

Loading up our friends truck for the drive to Yosemite.  CTB40 is streamlined and rugged enough to ride in the back with the rest of your adventure kit.

We arrived at camp at 2 am.   It was freezing cold that night.  The flex-fold compression easily contained my kit while we fumbled in the dark and prepared for a 5 AM start.

Morning prep before we hiked into our adventure.  Dual side-handles make moving your kit from A to B a breeze.

Packing back up for the haul back to Sand Francisco.  Same as before but in reverse.


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