March 22, 2017

Thanks for the incredible feedback regarding the internal label.  We have opted to go with the green background.  The decision came down to which color label would not interfere with the overall visibility inside the bag.  

Running multiple colors can be tough on a start up.  Our fabrics are made to order by a fantastic mill serving many clients in the industry.  Obstacles are: high minimums, costs, and lead times.  Rather than let restrictions drive our vision we determined a palette of 3 colors that we believe work well together within EVERGOODS brand ID.  We arrived at standard black,  grey green(field grey, field green), and grey blue(yet to be named).  All 3 colors work in an outdoor and city scape.  

Black - most readily available parts and trims + black is cool.

Field Green - classic color way that will work well from a CROSSOVER angle. 

Grey Blue - reminds us of a mountain sky as it blends into rock face. Or grey skyscrapers melting into a blue skyline.  

We chose field green to be the lining color across all color ways.  It is the closest to a neutral grey and is lighter than our other color ways.  If money were no object we would select a lighter grey for the interior.  But, cash flow is our main hurdle, and by using a fabric we are already running in the line we are able to hit our minimums more quickly.  Win win.

Which color ways would like to see for sale?  Unlikely we will make all 3.

  • Black with Field Green interior
  • Field Green with Field Green interior
  • Grey Blue with Field Green interior

Comment on our site with your favorites in order 1, 2, 3.  We can't wait to hear from you!


Jack and Kevin

P.S. A couple new pics are up on our main site home page.  





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