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Why Undyed?

Why did we spend over a year developing a collection of productsthat cost more, may have inconsistent color quality, and was a pain in the butt to deliver? Because design is at the core of everything we do. 

Undyed was a project rooted in the curiosity of our design team to dive into the nuts and bolts of manufacturing and answer the question:

"Could we build our crossover equipment using regular undyed yarn?"

We hoped you would appreciate the program and its eco-forward benefits, but it was not a project rooted in sales. We pursued it because we were fascinated in doing real R&D work on a production scale to develop water and energy saving practices and we wanted to bring awareness to those realities in human manufacturing and consumption. Plus we thought it looked cool...

MHP3.5 Undyed

Being customer-funded is awesome and tricky. We are constantly listening to you about what you'd like to see us build, and we're ecstatic to deliver. CTB26 anyone? But at the same time, many customer requests are rooted in experiences you have with other equipment brands or products. If we only delivered what you asked for, we'd be just another bag brand, copying to stay alive. We want to deliver something you'll love but you've never conceived of before. That's what gets this Bozeman crew excited.

When we launched EVERGOODS, we promised ourselves that "the design room is the board room, and the board room is the design room." For us that means innovation and curiosity comes first. 

CAP1 Undyed

So, occasionally you'll see programs like The Undyed Collection. These programs are rooted in us wanting to try something new and challenging. Sourcing and delivering materials and fabric in an Undyed stage took over a year and was full of speed bumps. It was also something we believed in. When you're a creator, that matters. 

We're proud to present Undyed. To us it's unique, beautiful, and is a testament to our love for textile, eco-minded development, and forward-thinking designEven if the style or story isn't for you, we hope you can appreciate the pursuit of breaking from the norm. 

Jack and Kevin

P.S. Thanks for reading and being along for the ride. Your interest and appreciation of our pursuit is the fuel for this wild journey. Stay tuned for even more new products, textiles and colors over the next year.

Jack and Kevin in Bozeman


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