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Spotlight : A Good Sample Maker

May 09, 2018 0 Comments

Spotlight : A Good Sample Maker

A good sample maker makes all the difference.

Over the years Kevin and I have worked alongside some incredible supporting players in the work that we do.  There are many jobs, and it’s all critical work, but one key role that I’d like to touch on is that of the sample maker.  A skilled sample maker can make all the difference in bringing a 3-d object to life.  For many companies, designers do not actually build their designs.  They rely on a Pattern Maker to interpret their 2d sketches into a full-size pattern and a sample maker to assemble and troubleshoot the build.  At EVERGOODS, we build almost all of our samples internally.  By the time we bring in a sample maker we have already built several rounds of prototypes ourselves.  We also create the patterns, cut lists, and build manuals for our products.  This is where we take the opportunity to bring in an outside sample maker and have them operate as a check against all our efforts to date.  It is the first time anyone outside our shop attempts to build our new design.  Through this process we might improve the patterns, catch notches in the wrong place, or even find an easier way to construct a complex area of the product.  This collaboration has proven invaluable for EVERGOODS.  By the time we hand over our spec package to the factory we feel confident that it is a reflection of the excellence we wish EVERGOODS to be known for.

We are lucky to work with a local sewing legend, Mojo.  Mojo has worked for every major pack brand in Bozeman.  I was honored to work alongside her at GORUCK for many years.  Her ability to put a sewn object together, and well I might add, is something special to witness as I have done a thousand times.

I wanted to highlight this treasure and say thank you Mojo.  You are a wonderful colleague and friend.  There are many others like you that are a huge part of how our creative efforts come to light.  We are better for having those of you with your unique skill sets.
Jack and Kevin

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