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The uses for products are as varied and vast as the world itself.  There is no such thing as a perfect bag.  We define our users as those who live engaged active lives.  They transition between the natural and city-scapes.  Some live more in the wild while others spend more time in the city.  Our first 3 offerings are from our ALL DAY category and are meant to serve general duty (i.e. not activity specific).  These products focus on fit, function, and accessibility.  Pick the one that best suits your needs.  And if you get really great at ice climbing or something else equally awesome use the proper tool for that job.  Maybe one day we will introduce more mountain activity specific goods.  Time will tell.  

We live, work, and play in Bozeman, MT.  This place inspires our crossover equipment with its growing city center, town trails and parks, and close proximity to any outdoor activity the heart desires.  Our goal is to give back to this town and the Gallatin Valley (more on this to come) so that ultimately we are stewards of this extraordinary place.  

As always we wish to here from you.


Jack and Kevin


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