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Our flagship mountain bag returns. Now upgraded with an eco-friendly and durable solution dyed textile and our custom-developed breathable back panel, MPL30 is our original outdoor adventure bag.

Complete with everything you've come to love from EVERGOODS: ergonomic harness, 3D expansive pockets, attention-to-detail, and premium materials. MPL30 was originally launched in our first Kickstarter back in 2017 and now this is its 3rd revision, and this version is our best to date.

Here at EVERGOODS we're not comfortable with sitting our laurels. Since its 2nd update, Kevin has been working hard to improve the foundation of our core bags, without sacrificing any of our signature feature sets or appearance. Over the course three years, we revisited how we color our products and reimagined our back panel to achieve a new pinnacle of Evergoods development.

This new version of our bestselling Mountain bag is more eco-friendly, delivers a more long-lasting product, and is wildly breathable for long days moving through changing terrain. 



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