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Inside Look: Patches Pre-production

February 08, 2018 0 Comments

Inside Look: Patches Pre-production

How hard can it be?

The engineering of these parts is actually not that hard.  It’s the tiny scale of this finished product against the huge scale of manufacturing that makes this project challenging.  Tooling up to mass produce such a simple part is easy.  Doing it at a scale small enough to not bury us in patches for the next decade is tricky.

In the end, we’ll need to bring together the right raw materials and manufacturing processes with nimble partners to get it done in a scale small enough to swallow.

No small feat!

Like any product we work on we have built samples in house and also created a design spec and build manual. 

We also recently built a set of reflective patches in house using our own tools: laser and heat press.  We had some 3M reflective materials on the shelf and they turned out quite nicely.  

Of course, we have to get out and test these suckers on our CROSSOVER backpacks.

What colors would you like to see?


Jack and Kevin




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