Design Brief - Our Work Shop

January 26, 2017 0 Comments

Design Brief - Our Work Shop

We approached the build out of our work shop as our first product.   From home work studios to corporate sample rooms and R&D facilities, we’ve looked at this problem many times.   Every layout is different depending on the physical space and the desired output of the facility.  Ideally our approach and execution improves each time.  The main objective of any work space should be to balance highly focused and specialized work with the flexibility to improvise and evolve.  We believe the most critical elements of workshop flexibility are the furniture and layout of the room.  After some initial floor plans, designing and building the major furniture was the first task.

All work surfaces are standing height with bar stools to accommodate quick walk up access or longer seated engagements. Heights of things like chair backs, storage cabinets and scrap bins were all considered to allow these things to easily stow beneath the tables, freeing up space.  Hanging tool panels keep the table tops available for work rather than storage and can be moved and swapped around if needed.  

Above: Fabric rolls are stored at the apex of the work tables for easy access.

Narrow wovens (webbing, velcro, etc) are stored in reel boxes so they are kept tidy and easily inventoried and can quickly move to wherever they are needed and then be put away.

Tape on the floor outlines a flow for receiving goods as well as a delineation between work space and walking space.

Because each project has its own handling and assembly demands, we put all the sewing machines and work tables on wheels so the layout can adjust to the needs of the job.  The result is a simple and versatile work space that we are stoked to come into each day.

Jack and Kevin

Below: Chronological look at shop build out.




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