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CPL24 Black | Field Grey Interior

May 18, 2017 0 Comments

CPL24 Black | Field Grey Interior

On Friday we completed 3 Civic Panel Loaders in Black/Field grey interior.  

Next up: 

  • Build MPL30 in Field grey/Field grey
  • Build CPL24 in Field grey/Field grey 

Building our samples in house with such a small team is expensive and time consuming.    We want to be the absolute best partners possible for our manufacturers and vendors.  This is how we make that a reality.


  • Factory costing on both backpacks expected back in two weeks(ish)
  • Kickstarter video shoots underway.  5 full days of filming and shooting next week
  • Website update has begun to include full product pages (will launch a full site as Kickstarter closes down)
  • Kickstarter go LIVE date will be announced on June 1st 
  • June 7 (tentative) we will plan FB live Q&A sessions to share the packs and field your questions    

In the weeks leading up to our campaign your voices will prove invaluable in our ability to share our mission to build a product driven brand.  With your help we will be able to share our CROSSOVER equipment with the world.

Kevin and I are humbled by your support and engagement.


J and K

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Welcome to EVERGOODS.

Our mission is to create long lasting, high quality, crossover equipment and apparel--the technical refinement of outdoor gear with all the ease and appeal of everyday wear.  Our experience lies in product design, development, R&D, and manufacturing for the likes of GORUCK and Patagonia.  We believe in product and the processes of doing the work ourselves.  Each project is an exploration, and ultimately a discovery, aided by our triumphs and our failures.  This evolution inspires us and is at the heart of EVERGOODS.

Kickstarter will allow us to deliver on our promise to let product development drive EVERGOODS.  By not taking outside investors - the design room is the board room and the board room is the design room.

Read more on our decision to launch on Kickstarter

We are located in the foothills of Bozeman, Montana.  Follow along as we build our products and our brand. We look forward to hearing from you.



Jack Barley and Kevin Dee