JB + KD Bios

Jack hails from Jacksonville, Florida.   

After 10 years attempting to be an actor in NYC , aka bartending at NYC's famous Tortilla Flats, a childhood best friend asked him to help found GORUCK.

This would take Jack to Bozeman, MT to oversee GORUCK's R&D and product development.  

Bozeman struck a chord,  when GORUCK shut down operations there, Jack opted to stay behind to continue living the CROSSOVER lifestyle that would inspire EVERGOODS initial product line.

Kevin Dee grew up in the Chicago area and has a BFA in studio art with an emphasis in sculpture from the University of Illinois in Chicago. 

He's exhibited sewn sculpture in fine art galleries in Chicago, New York, California and Indiana.

His sewing trade is self taught and was refined as a sample maker for several years at Patagonia outdoor apparel.  He then transitioned to Patagonia's advanced R&D Center known as the Forge where he further expanded his knowledge of raw materials, tools and construction techniques with a solid grounding in mass production.