MPL30 Black | Field Grey Interior

May 11, 2017 0 Comments

MPL30 Black | Field Grey Interior

Our fabrics finally arrived from our raw material partners.  We are in hyper drive building color correct samples for our factory partners and several key press outlets.  

First build: 3 total MPL30 Black | Field Grey interior

Second Build: 3 Total CPL24 Black | Field Grey interior

From there we will assess our marketing needs and jump into either more black | field grey builds or begin on the field grey | field grey samples.  

Of note: we did not yet receive our color correct zipper pull web. For these samples they are black on the inside.  Field grey web en route and we will swap out when it gets to our shop.

Let us know how it looks.


Jack and Kevin

P.S. Kickstarter launch date announcement coming June 1st

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