Kickstarter Launch Date - Free Screen Saver Downloads

June 01, 2017 0 Comments

Kickstarter Launch Date - Free Screen Saver Downloads


When Kevin and I started EVERGOODS we had no idea we would be so lucky as to have  your amazing support and interest in our offerings.  Fortunately we do.  Yesterday, as we were feeling lucky, Kevin mentioned to me that it isn't luck it is flat out persistence.  It occurred to me that luck does sort of happen to those who are relentless.   Thank you all for making our efforts so worthwhile.

KICKSTARTER will go live on the morning of Tuesday July 11th.  

Why not sooner?  

  • Our factory partners would not have all costing back in time
  • We would not be ready with our video and picture content
  • Once we do get a rough draft of our campaign we need to share it and get feed back and adjust ( if necessary)
  • 4th of July weekend is not a good time to run a campaign (you will hopefully be out adventuring and not shopping)

Kickstarter suggests that Tuesdays and Fridays are the best days to launch campaigns.  Tuesday July 11th is the first Tuesday following the 4th.  So that is the date we landed on.

We will share more content and updates in the next 5 weeks to include a larger look at both packs and FB live Q and A.  Stay tuned.

We have had amazing support of incredible photographers who have taken our packs all over the Gallatin Valley, Glacier National Park, Zion National Park, Iceland, and NYC.  Can not wait to share more.

For now, here is a link to a few EVERGOODS screen savers.  Happy to add more if your are into it.


Hit us with your questions if you have them.


Jack and Kevin



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