CPL24 + MPL30 Still Images

June 08, 2017 0 Comments

CPL24 + MPL30 Still Images

Kevin and I want to hear from you all.  So - we are holding FB live reveals of both products next week on Wednesday at the following times:

  • 5pm MST or 7pm EST
  • 6:30pm MST or 8:30pm EST

We will send out a reminder newsletter next Tuesday. The reminder will include some more details about what went into the build of these products.  We can not wait to share and take your questions.


We recently wrapped an intense week of filming and shooting.  The goal was to create all video and photo content for the Kickstarter but also for our full site set too launch as the KS closes.  Below are a few sneak peaks from our studio shoot.


Jack and Kevin



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